MOHAIRW yarn description

MOHAIRW yarn is a mohair like effect yarn. This yarn consists of two materials, either cotton or rayon background with polyester effect.
The background part can be dyed with Reactive
dyestuff. The effect part can be dyed with Disperse dyestuff. MOHAIRW come in white to white form
So customers can choose to dye any part of the yarn. This create a lot of designs and variety to the final

What are the benefits for Fancy-Tex’s raw white effect?
There are so many utilizations from raw white effect yarn.
1. Freedom to customize colors. Customers can choose the color on each part of the yarn separately depending on their creativity
2. Reducing inventory cost. Most of the time when knitters have to deal with fancy yarn, the problem that always occurs is the complexity in their inventory since knitters have to hold so many types of yarn on various colors. Using only one raw white effect yarn can eliminate this problem.
3. Almost no minimum from importers. Fancy-Tex has many importers in many
countries. They are facing inventory problem and not ready to store all of our fancy effect products.
By storing only one raw white effect yarn will encourage them to support their end customers a lot easier.
4. Increase productivity in the knitting process. Since one fabric can be dyed in many different ways, knitters don’t have to stop their machines to change production lots.

More design
In the past,we have developed tons of design based on the colored effect product.
Customers can explore our catalogue to find in inspiration. Or log on to our website at to see more samples.