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ICEW-011V 60% cotton 40% polyester

Vintage heavy snow heather blend (CVC).

Composition :  40% polyester , 60% cotton

ICEW011V is 40% polyester and 60% cotton blended yarn. Polyester blend with snow cotton is a perfect combination for vintage melange fabric look and feel. Since , snow cotton effect give natural chunky raw white look on the fabric. Polyester helps support the strengh of the fabric. Lots of brands are looking for new type of melange blend like our ICEW-011V.

Effect : 

With the snow cotton blend , the ICEW-011V effect looks like heavy on the chunky NEP effect with irregular melange blending. Customer and designer can dye the disperse (polyester part) and bleach OBA to make to chunky cotton standout. (KEYLOOK).

Customer can dye the reactive to make cotton part colored. This look is like uneven melange blend. Customer can do cross dyed to make colour snow cotton and different coloured background effect.

Since ICEW-011V is raw white yarn customer can book only one yarn and dye in different shades and colours. Also, it is easy to control the stock and easy to react to hange in the fashion trend. Customer can use this kind of yarn to create piece dyed stripe fabric by knitting ICEW-011V with other regular yarn such as cotton , TC, CVC or TK. Then partial dye the fabric either disperse (polyester part) or reatcive (cotton part).

ICEW-011V looks even better on loose knitting. For NE25 , we recommend to use 24 gauge knitting machine.